Friday, April 10, 2015


WHY HELLO AGAIN! More chocolate you say? YES, more chocolate and sweets. I have been taken over by a SERIOUS chocolate craving lately. You know what's amazing though? These little babies are so easy, delicious and of course V E G A N too. Yummy on the tummy is always important! A very easy and quick, healthy way to curb your sweet appetite.

I recently made these for a Women's dinner and they were a pretty big hit. One of the ladies daughters (who is 3 and very active!) gave me a brilliant idea. She wanted a cookie, but her mama didn't want crumbs going all over the floor where she travelled (makes sense!)- so she compacted them into little balls. GENIUS, thanks Gillian and Olivia!

Most of this recipe is mine- although I give credit to my mother, as I used her basic idea of her original no-bake recipe, so thanks mom!! They are so good you will want to eat them all before they hit the cookie sheet.....I guarantee it!








1/4 C. + 1/8 C. Organic, NON-GMO Coconut Oil (I use unrefined)
1/4 C.  Organic DARK (Grade B) Maple Syrup (I don't like my cookies too sweet- you can always add more if you like! NOTE: Agave Syrup works great too!)
1/2 C. Organic, NON-GMO Coconut Milk (or any other plant based milk
1/4 C. Carob Powder or Cocoa

8 TBS. Organic, NON-GMO Peanut Butter (or other nut butter)
3 C. Organic Gluten Free Oats (Regular Rolled work better)
1 Tsp. Organic Vanilla
1-2 TBS. Organic, NON-GMO Coconut Flakes, finely chopped

Mix first set of ingredients- coconut oil, maple syrup, coconut milk & cocoa in a small saucepot. Let this come to a boil, and let boil for at LEAST 30 sec but no more than 1 minute. Take off heat, add in peanut butter and vanilla, quickly swirl to combine. Dump in oats and stir to evenly mix. Use a cookie baller/ice-cream scoop or your hands to shape these little balls, then set on parchment lined cookie sheet. Simply add finely chopped coconut flakes on the top of each cookie. Let rest at least 30 minutes, and they set up quicker in the fridge. Then ENJOY!!!

Please let me know how these turn out! Please hastag me on Instagram (link on right of page). Have a lovely day- now go enjoy some chocolate!! 

Peace, Love, Joy


Photos: Courtney Hayes

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