Primary Colors

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Primary color combo- simple yet potent. I know, I know-you all are probably tired of hearing me going on and on about color combos....the thing is I am so ADDICTED to them! I love the primary color mix: it is so simple (FACT: the base of all other colors), especially when done in such vibrant and saturated hues. I don't know about you but when I put a piece of clothing/shoes on- it changes how I feel. For instance, when I wear my studded boots and hubby's leather jacket I walk with a swagger and cool (and don't pretend you DON'T know what I'm talking about), when I wear circle skirts and pointy stillettos I feel girly and walk flirtier ((I don't even know if flirtier is a real word)....wink wink ;)) and when I wear bright colors and prints, I walk with confidence, inner strength and poise (BONUS: Great for your posture!!). This look over-all stimulates my endorphin's making me SMILE :) Happiness is a good thing!! Can you tell in that jumping picture? Yep, thought so. GANGSTA!

What's a power piece of yours and when you wear it, what is the effect? Hat- J Crew, Coat- Zara, Blazer- Zara, T-Shirt- Zara, Skirt- J Crew, Gloves- Anthropologie, Tights- HUE, Boots- Bought @, Necklace- Vintage.

Photos: Tyler Hayes

Until next time, keep styling! XOXO!!



  1. cute outfits sis I love your style wish i was more like you and how you are confident about you looks love ya sis with all my heart!;)<3

    1. Thank you sis! Love you so much too! Thanks for checking it out! :)


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