Pink Polka Dot Princess

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Hello again lovelies! Here is my 2nd and final post today, I promise! It is so nice out today- I actually didn't have to wear one of my heavy winter coats. Quite a nice change from the usual bulky layers. I was feeling a bit like a princess after styling my hair today too (besides, the wind today is not the roaring 20-30 mph it normally is). Funny story for you (honestly it's not really humorous :)).....I used to be all about styling my hair in high school, into college, dating and early marriage. You name it, I did it (curl, wavy, straight, buns, braids, french twists, messy up-do's, all sorts of ponytails, etc). Now, I rarely really "style" my hair. I actually took the time to curl my hair (well, not truly curled, but wavy) and was super satisfied. With make-up on I look.....GOOD (All y'all know what I'm talking about too...don't deny it. You know, the once-twice-three time checking yourself out in the mirror. Then taking the next step and glancing at yourself off any shiny object the entire day!). I hope that in the days to come, possibly weeks & months to come, I can keep up with this look. I love it and it takes about 15 min. BOO-YA! Any of you have hair styles you'd like to share?

Sweater- Forever 21, Dress (worn as skirt)- Zara, Tights- HUE, Sandals- Steve Madden.

Photos: Tyler Hayes

Until next time, keep styling! XOXO!!



  1. Adults in tutus FOR THE WIN!!! You look great lady. Like a total princess! I'm with you on the hair styling thing. It's VERY rare I style my hair. If only I could style my hair in fifteen minutes!
    Great stuff, as always

    1. Thanks for the comment hun- I truly felt like a princess! XOXO!


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