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Saturday, March 16, 2013

TA-DA!!! I felt that I had to make a grand entrance. It has been so long since my last look post!!! I am doing loads better (yes, thank you for asking! :) and was so pumped to take some pics. I was so pumped, not even snow flakes & cold weather could de-rail my photo shoot!! You can actually see some of the snowflakes in the pics, and I think it looks neeaaatt! It has been surprisingly freezing with some bouts of snow here and there. SNOW in the middle part of March?! I am ready for SPRING and it's warm weather (it is official I am VERY jealous of all you CALI bloggers!!). A girl has the right to want sunshine! 

Enter my gorgeous "faux" sunshine coat. Yes, Cali girls, this is HOW it's done here in NYC. Here are some things you (or anyone wanting to move where there are long & cold winters) lovelies should know. Take note, a serious PUNCH (yep, in the face- it's that bright :)) of color is not only necessary, but VITAL. (Please do notice there is a reason I have CAPED, BOLDED & UNDERLINED these is SURVIVAL! :)) Also, layering is a MUST for looking cool & stylish, without being overly bulky....and please, let's not forget the most important part....the WARMTH factor! I love how my outfit is representing everything I've just stated. My coat is bright & seriously punchy, I've added some prints & another bold color with the cool shoes for eye appeal. Lastly, the cape is a great layering piece, both stylish & warm. How do you stay warm, dry or cool in your climate? What are the tough styling challenges in certain weather conditions? I'm all ears! 

Hat- Anthropologie, Coat- J Crew, Cape- Zara, Printed Jeans- Zara, Boots- Ego & Greed.

Photos: Tyler Hayes

Until next time, keep styling! XOXO!!


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